PARADISE MASSAGE - Full body - 50min 70€ - 80min 95€

Let yourself go on a journey of pure relaxation. Allow your body to regain its harmony with a relaxing massage that gently helps to relieve the tensions and stresses of everyday life to the rhythm of slow, soft, deep and enveloping movements, producing a deep physical and emotional well-being.


EXCELLENCE - OASIS - Full body - 50 min 75€ - 80 min – 100€

Its a mix of relaxing aromatherapy . This wonderful massage allows us to get into detail on every part of your body. The power of massage is undeniable. Relax under our expert hands as those pesky knots, the stress of everyday life and the tension they leave behind melt away. Your body and mind go from active to "relaxed". Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.



This massage releases heavy metals, antipollution, regenerates and moisturizes your skin. It consists of the application of quality and Bio product, followed by a facial massage.


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE – Full body - 50 min – 75€ / 80 min - 95€

Our aromatherapy massage is perfect for reducing stress-related tension and fatigue, calming, detoxifying or even lifting your mood, ideal if you are feeling tired and down. We use 100% pure, natural and organic therapeutic grade essential oil.


SPORTS MASSAGE – Full body 50 min – 70 €

Before or after exercise, to prepare, recover or simply relax the postural tensions of the muscles. In depth for a smooth recovery.


BACK / LEGS / FEET/ HEAD MASSAGE - Format 30 min – 50 € 30 minutes of bliss

This treatment is perfect for those who do not require any attention on the back, feet legs or head.. We will focus on the most problematic areas of the back, shoulders and neck.


* Book 24hours in advance at the reception:

+34610475642 (WhatsApp)